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COVID-19: Warning of potential financial fraud

Dear member,

Here is a message from the Government of Canada regarding the risks of financial fraud.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, fraudsters will try to take advantage of consumers. The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) is warning Canadians to be very cautious when receiving emails or text messages that appear to be from a financial institution asking for personal or financial information.

Financial institutions will never ask for personal information, login credentials or account information by email or text message.

If you receive unsolicited or suspicious emails or text messages from a financial institution, do not click on the links or attachments. Remember: If you didn’t initiate contact with a financial institution, you don’t know who you are dealing with.

If you are suspicious about information you receive electronically related to your banking, contact the financial institution directly before taking any action.

Examples of fraudulent communications:

Text messages
Online Refund Form

With solidarity,
The IATSE 514 team

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