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Voting – What You Need to Know

Dear member,

Voting – What You Need to Know

Your opportunity to vote for the merger is fast approaching and it is important for everyone to understand their voter rights, who is eligible to vote, and when and how to vote.

All three organizations, IATSE 514, IATSE 667, and AQTIS will be holding their own vote and if all three organizations vote in favour, we will form a new, stronger organization in Quebec. This new organization will strengthen and stabilise the industry, creating a premier destination for US and foreign production to rival Vancouver and Toronto. Workers in domestic production will have a stronger voice and all of our combined resources will be put to work towards the same goal of improving the economic conditions of Film and Television workers in Quebec.

Who gets to vote?

Due to the monumental nature of this vote, and in recognition of the hardships faced by many of our members due to the COVID19 pandemic, the International President has waived the requirement to be in good standing with the local to be deemed eligible to vote. All members of 514 are entitled to vote for this merger. If you have received this communication, you are entitled to vote.

You will have the right to vote for the merger in each organization that you are a member of. If you are a dual member in 514 and AQTIS, YOU MAY VOTE TWICE! If you hold cards in all three organizations, YOU MAY VOTE 3 TIMES!! This is very important because all three organizations must vote yes for the merger to happen. If you are a dual member and vote yes in the 514 vote, but do not exercise your vote in the AQTIS vote, the merger could fail to be ratified. The merger requires a 2/3 majority vote to pass.

When do I vote?

Voting periods for the three organizations are as follows:

IATSE 667 – voting opens September 3rd and closes September 9th.

AQTIS – voting opens September 10th and closes September 16th.

IATSE 514 – voting opens September 17th and closes September 23rd.

You will be required to vote in each voting period where you hold membership.

How do I vote?

Voting will be done through electronic balloting provided by the company Simply Voting in the same manner as previous 514 elections. Each organization that you hold membership with will provide you with the necessary details for casting your vote. You may vote from the comfort of your home, the convenience of your mobile device, or at the 514 offices. As COVID-19 continues to pose serious health concerns for members and staff, we ask that only those members who are unable to vote otherwise make use of the 514 office terminals.

How do I make an informed decision?

Prior to the vote taking place, you will be provided with a “voting package” that will contain the constitution and bylaws of the new organization, financial information of the new organization and the actual question. We have also organized department specific meetings where you can ask questions and will be holding a joint meeting with IATSE 667 and AQTIS on prior to the voting period. We are also emailing information once per week based on a specific topic.

If you have any questions regarding the voting procedure, or difficulties with Simply Voting platform, please contact: res.communications@iatse514.org or 514-937-7668.

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