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Union Elections Nomination Primer

Dear members,

I am writing today to enlighten you on the nomination process for the upcoming elections. The complete election procedures are accessible at all times in the Constitution and Bylaws available on IATSE 514’s website.

The 2019 elections concern the positions of Business Agent, Vice President of Information and Treasurer.

The election committee was elected at the special general assembly held on September 18, 2019 at the IATSE 514 training center. The election chairperson, Simon Poudrette, has all the decision-making powers over all the subjects concerning the elections. His decisions are final, if they comply with the Constitution and Bylaws.

The chairperson and election secretary, Yvan Sergerie, shall ensure to publicize, uphold and enforce election rules.

NB: Members of the Election Committee cannot be eligible to available offices.

Nomination Procedure Explained

1 – The candidate or the person who wishes to present a candidate for election must complete and sign a form prepared for this purpose by the Union and have it countersigned by two (2) active members in good standing of the Union. This form is available at the Union office and online.

2 – The nomination paper must expressly indicate the name of the candidate and which Executive Board position he is running for.

3 – If a member is nominated for more than one position, he must indicate which office he wishes to run for.

4 – The nomination form must be delivered to the election secretary no later than thirty (30) days after the declaration of nomination and the secretary shall give an acknowledgment of receipt. You have until October 18, 2019 to submit your completed forms. No nomination is admissible after this date.

5 – The delivery of the completed nomination form shall be in person or through any other means allowing proof of receipt.

6 – Forms received in the prescribed conditions and within time shall be forwarded by the election secretary to the election chairperson.

7 – Each applicant must, within seven (7) days following the end of the period for delivering nomination forms, inform the election chairperson whether or not he accepts his nomination and, if he does, send him campaign information and materials as follows:

– A colour passport-size photo of the candidate

– The number of years of experience in the movie industry

– His position (job)

– A presentation text containing his reasons for running (maximum 400 words)

The deadline for the acceptance or rejection of applications is therefore Friday, October 25, 2019.

8 – If there is only one candidate for one of the positions, the candidate is automatically elected by acclamation.

9 – For the other nominations, the election chairperson must email to members the nomination journal including campaign information and materials sent by the candidate.

Hoping that this explanation will help you in the nomination process. I will explain the voting procedures as it approaches.

With solidarity,

Daniel Matthews
President, IATSE 514

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