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Complaints 101

Complaints 101:What you need to know


The complaints process varies from one employer to the next. Even though the laws apply to everyone, internal complaints processes are done differently depending on the employer. To learn more, speak to your immediate supervisor or the person in charge of human resources.

Whether or not there is an internal anti-harassment procedure, unionized employees can always turn to their collective agreement and non-unionized employees to applicable legislation.


A complaint must always be dealt with confidentially on both sides. You and your employer must both keep the complaint confidential.


Any complaint lodged with the intent to harm someone else can lead to disciplinary action against the complainant.


Any well-founded complaint can lead to serious disciplinary action against the person who breached the policy and the applicable law.


Just because a complaint is denied, this does not mean it was lodged in bad faith. The facts may simply not meet the definition of harassment provided in the employer’s policy.


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