Course name

WHMIS 2015


WHMIS 2015 is consistent with the “right of workers to know” according to which workers must know the nature of the hazards found in the workplace and the related control measures to be taken. In Canada, the current legislation in occupational health and safety requires that workers be informed of risks they can entail within the framework of their employment. WHMIS therefore provides employers and workers with an additional tool to enable them to increase their knowledge on hazardous materials.

Target population

The training is intended for any person exposed, directly or indirectly, to hazardous materials in its workplace.


  1. To identify and recognize the main risks associated with the use of hazardous materials in the workplace;
  2. To become familiar with labels, pictograms, classes and categories of hazards;
  3. To know how to interpret information contained on safety data sheets;
  4. To know how to recognize the preventive measures that allows preventing accidents and illnesses.



Required equipment

Access to a computer with an Internet connection.

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Course price
Duration: 90 minutes
Valid for: 12 months