Course name

Respiratory protection


Nowadays, a large number of workers are asked to perform work in the presence of hazardous materials. These hazardous materials very often produce contaminants (in the form of particles, gas, vapour or smoke), which mix with the air in the workplace. In order to preserve workers’ respiratory health where there is contaminated air, it is essential to wear a respiratory protective device that is appropriate for the situation, and ensure that it corresponds with the contaminants in the air. It also requires being familiar with the proper operation mode and conducting the required maintenance in order to ensure that its level of efficiency is always at its maximum.

Target population

The training is primarily intended for regular and casual workers wishing to perform work in air contaminated conditions. Whether you work in the construction or industrial cleaning field, or you are interested in acquiring new skills, this training is for you.


  1. To raise your awareness about working in a contaminated air environment;
  2. To choose the proper respiratory protection for the work environment;
  3. To successfully perform a fit test;
  4. To properly maintain your respiratory protective device.


2575 Place Chassé, Montreal



Required equipment

Access to a computer with an Internet connection.

Duration: 6 hours (360 minutes)
Valid for: 36 months