Course name

Respect, civility and prevention of harassment in the workplace (MANITOBA)


Targeted at workers in supervisory or management roles, this training focuses on understanding what does and does not constitute harassment and identifying risk situations and pitfalls related to the supervisory role. The legal aspects related to workplace harassment issues will also be addressed.

Target population

The training is intended for anyone in a supervisory or management role.


Demystify what harassment is in the workplace in order to prevent and manage it. At the end of the training, the participant will be able to:

  1. Identify what is harassment and what is not;
  2. Differentiate between psychological harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination and workplace violence;
  3. Understand the consequences of harassment for victims and production;
  4. Apply harassment prevention and management strategies;
  5. Embrace the concepts of respect and civility in the workplace.



Required equipment

Notebook and pencil and/or laptop for note taking.

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Course price
Duration: 7 hours (420 minutes)
Valid for: 36 months