Course name

Primary access scaffold (SAIA6)


Designed for anyone who needs to erect, access or use scaffolding in their work, this training course offers a pragmatic pedagogical approach.

At the end of the day, your knowledge will be assessed through a theory test, which will allow you to obtain the SAIA6 (Scaffold & Access Industry Association) certification, which is recognized across Canada.

Target population

The training is primarily intended for regular and casual workers who wish to use portable access equipment for accessibility or use as a workstation located less than 10 feet above the ground.


  1. Identify and evaluate the risks of falling according to the workplace, its environment and the nature of the work to be performed;
  2. Recognize the appropriate means of protection for the working conditions (collective and individual protection) and be able to check the equipment in order to detect any anomaly;
  3. Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for the assembly, inspection and safe operation of a tubular access scaffold that does not exceed the height of the 3:1 ratio;
  4. Understand the scope of CSA Standard Z797-09 and the Construction Safety Code (S-2.1, r.4) and be familiar with the safety principles for access, work and travel at heights;
  5. Understand the scales of the scaffolding skilled worker.



Required equipment


Duration: 7 hours (420 minutes)
Valid for: 36 months