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Criminal liability for occupational health and safety


This training explains how to hold organizations and their offending individuals accountable when an action or inaction of negligence, in terms of occupational health and safety, causes injury or death to an individual. In order to avoid criminal proceedings and the resulting sanctions, it is essential to put in place the necessary protective measures and to ensure that all individuals in the organization comply with occupational health and safety rules.

Target population

The training is aimed at all regular and occasional workers as well as all company managers.


  1. Knowing the origin of Law C-45;
  2. Know the scope of Law C-21;
  3. Understand the concept of criminal negligence and its degree of application;
  4. Be aware of the possible sanctions incurred following a conviction;
  5. Understand and apply the principle of due diligence within the organization.



Required equipment

Access to a computer with an Internet connection.

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Duration: 20 minutes
Valid for: 36 months