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AFC Emergency Financial Aid – COVID-19

Dear member,

Did you know that as professional in the film industry you are also entitled to assistance from the AFC?

To receive financial assistance, you need to:

  • Be professionally eligible;
  • Demonstrate immediate financial need;
  • Pursue all other avenues of support;
  • Provide the required documentation.

Am I professionally eligible?
You are professionally eligible if you are working age and have earned the majority of your income from entertainment industry work in 2019 or are over 65 and have earned the majority of your income from the industry over your working life.

If you do not meet these guidelines exactly, we still encourage you to apply. We are aiming to help as many people as possible during this crisis. 

Do I meet the guidelines for immediate financial need?
Do you have enough money in the bank to meet your basic needs for the next 4-8 weeks? If NO, The AFC may be able to help.

How much money can I get?
The dollar amount will depend on your immediate basic needs and your monthly expenses.

How long will this take?
We are working at full speed to make the application process faster and simpler for everyone. The current estimated time for a decision is 3 weeks.

For more information, read the detailed Guide to Emergency Financial Aid during COVID-19Please take the time to read through it before applying for assistance. Please note that this is an evolving document that we will continue to adjust as the situation develops.

Emergency Financial Aid Application Form

With solidarity,
The IATSE 514 team

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